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A. Budko individuali veikla

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Dariaus ir Girėno g. 173, LT-02189 VILNIUS, Lithuania

We design, manufacture and mount various metal products as per individual orders. We use metal, wooden and/or glass decorations.

The company designs and manufactures metal staircases and other metal products.

A. Budko individuali veikla


Lithuania E-mail
Address: Beržų g. 38, LT-36202 PANEVĖŽYS, Lithuania

UAB "Naideka" affords metal treatment services: production of technological equipment (stamps, press-forms), production of nonstandard equipment, production of welded constructions, plasma, gas cutting of sheets, extrude of details, CNC plasma cutting, CNC milling, folding of CNC sheets.



Lithuania E-mail
Address: J. Basanavičiaus g. 130, LT-76161 ŠIAULIAI, Lithuania

Wholesale and retail trade of sanitary ware. Towel - ladder, coils, stainless steel, copper, galvanized. Indoor and outdoor plumbing, plastic plumbing fittings field

Address: Geležinio Vilko g. 2, LT-03150 VILNIUS, Lithuania

The backbone of the company is welding equipment specialists with more than 25 years of experience.The maim business field of the company is retail and wholesale trade in welding equipment as wellas welding consumables.The company delivers products and welding consumables of leading welding equipment manufacturers to ...



Lithuania E-mail
Address: Pramonės g. 6, LT-62175 ALYTUS, Lithuania

UAB "Almecha” projects, produces, repairs: stamps for metal cutting, bending, formation, forms for plastics casting, preforms, forms for vacuum-formation and thickening, devices, conveyors, transporters, tables, stacks, carriages, hangers, metal welded constructions, nonstandard equipments, technological lines for ...


Lithuania E-mail
Address: Trakiškio g. 9, LT-35115 PANEVĖŽYS, Lithuania

LANKMETA - specialising in sheet metal bending up to 12.36 m in length and up to 12.00 mm in thickness from galvanized metal, ferrous metal, stainless steel, aluminum. We offer construction profiles for roofs and ventilated facade systems: omega, sigma, Z, C, U, L; thermo profiles; floor concreting profiles, thermal ...


Lithuania E-mail
Address: Dūmų g. 3, LT-11119 VILNIUS, Lithuania

Metal4design company has more than 18 years experience and specializes in manufacturing high-quality custom made metal elements for furniture, shop fitting and bath accessory industries in Europe. Metal4design products' profile contains: table and chair frames, sofa legs, metal racks, telescopic table legs and ...

Address: Ateities g. 10, LT-08303 VILNIUS, Lithuania

Mutecha apsaugos sistemos, UAB is a modern automation company with many years of experience. We provide our services for a wide range of businesses (food industry, wood and metal processing) not only in Lithuania, but also abroad.


Lithuania E-mail
Address: Draugystės g. 19, LT-51230 KAUNAS, Lithuania

Punching, bending, cutting, tooling, galvanising, zinc plating, production of stamps.


Lithuania E-mail
Address: Sodų g. 4, LT-13269 SKAIDIŠKIŲ K., NEMĖŽIO SEN., VILNIAUS R., Lithuania

Stengel LT UAB produces precision products made from sheet metal for shop equipment, medicine, IT, telecommunications, construction and other industry sectors. Sheet metal processing: laser cutting, punching, cutting, bending, welding. We seek long term relationships with our customers.

Address: Zemnieku iela 32, Liepāja, LV-3401, Latvia

3dTeam OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Halli tee 3 Viimsi Viimsi vald, Estonia


Lithuania E-mail
Address: Paekaare 20-5 Lasnamäe Tallinn , Estonia

Aabramo Trepp OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Rehe 43 Viljandi , Estonia

Aarain Furniture OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Sihva Otepää vald, Estonia

ABC Metall OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Sitsi 13A Põhja-Tallinn Tallinn , Estonia
Address: Gāles iela 2, Rīga, LV-1015, Latvia
Address: Linnaaluste Kehtna vald, Estonia

Abplanalp Estee OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Kuma tee 2 Peetri Rae vald, Estonia
Address: Männiku tee 106 Nõmme Tallinn , Estonia

ADE Metall OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Välja 3 Soinaste Ülenurme vald, Estonia


Lithuania E-mail
Address: Grikienių g. 32, LT-14202 GRIKIENIŲ K., SUDERVĖS SEN., VILNIAUS R., Lithuania
Address: Aiandi tee 21 Viimsi Viimsi vald, Estonia

Afterone OÜ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Lembitu 8 Tartu , Estonia


Lithuania E-mail
Address: J. Janonio g. 1, LT-35101 PANEVĖŽYS, Lithuania

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