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Address: Konstitucijos pr. 23, A korp., LT-08105 VILNIUS, Lithuania

Biržų krašto muziejus SĖLA

Lithuania E-mail
Address: J. Radvilos g. 3, LT-41175 BIRŽAI, Lithuania
Address: Trakų g. 15, LT-01132 VILNIUS, Lithuania

Our stock: antique luminaires, upholstered furniture, sideboards, consoles, mirrors, porcelain, sculptures, interior elements, outdoor fountains. The company provides professional interior design services.

Address: Žirmūnų g. 139, LT-09120 VILNIUS, Lithuania
Address: P. Matulionio g. 18, LT-40112 KUPIŠKIS, Lithuania


Lithuania E-mail
Address: Karčiamos g. 41, LT-83166 PAKRUOJO K., PAKRUOJO SEN., PAKRUOJO R., Lithuania

EVERY WEEKEND – MANOR OF PAKRUOJIS FAMILY AMUSEMENT PARK "LIVING MUSEUM“. When you will come you will dress up courtier clothes and will feel all manor period charm and elegancy. Here you will feel labourer lot and with your eyes will see duke vicar anger, with baron you will be able to discuss courtier things, ...

Panevėžio kraštotyros muziejus

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Vasario 16-osios g. 23, LT-35185 PANEVĖŽYS, Lithuania


Lithuania E-mail
Address: Respublikos g. 3, LT-35199 PANEVĖŽYS, Lithuania
Address: Šermukšnių g. 31, LT-35113 PANEVĖŽYS, Lithuania

Vladislavo Sirokomlės muziejus

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Vladislavo Sirokomlės g. 5, LT-13176 BAREIKIŠKIŲ K., RUKAINIŲ SEN., VILNIAUS R., Lithuania

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