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Food, vegetables, cucumber, leguminous vegetables, soy products, root crops, leafy vegetables, cereals, edible fats, oilseeds, honey, mead, meat products, salt, spices, herbs, spice blends, sweeteners, dairy, milk, cheese, nuts, seeds, fruit, berries, lemon, dried fruit, black cherry, cherry, edible mushrooms, fish, cartilaginous fish, shark, food wholesale, coffee, tea, sugar, margarine, oil, sauces, crisps, snack, food for diabetics, food additives, grit, flour, raw material, additives
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Lithuania E-mail
Address: Pramonės g. 13, LT-53285 STANAIČIŲ K., GARLIAVOS APYLINKIŲ SEN., KAUNO R., Lithuania

Trading in a wide range of spices and their mixtures. We co-operate with China, Egypt, Netherlands, Poland. Interested in exporting to Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.



Lithuania E-mail
Address: Panerių g. 35-5, LT-03209 VILNIUS, Lithuania

Plastic packaging and food additives supplies. Wholesale trade, production, thin-wall plastic packaging with in mould labeling 175ml, 180ml, 212ml; buckets 0.5l, 0.8l, 1l, 1.2l, 3l, 5.5l, 6l, 10l, 18l, 20l. Airtight packaging, buckets of a wide range of colours with printing, plastic moulds, tanks from 0.5l to 60l. ...



Lithuania E-mail
Address: Savanorių pr. 176F, LT-03154 VILNIUS, Lithuania

The main activity is wholesale trade in raw materials and supplements for food industry. Export, import. Company provides production technology development and consulting. The company has its own laboratory, which develops new products and recipes, solves Customer problems, manufactures dry mixtures for various dairy ...

Address: Astangu 21B-82 Haabersti Tallinn , Estonia
Address: Viti Harku vald, Estonia
Address: Vaabina Urvaste vald, Estonia
Address: Gerosios Vilties g. 22A-11, LT-03145 VILNIUS, Lithuania

A. Ilčiuko bitininkystės ūkis

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Erdvilo g. 3, LT-47181 KAUNAS, Lithuania
Address: H. Manto g. 19, kioskas, LT-92234 KLAIPĖDA, Lithuania
Address: Pramonės pr. 16, URMAS, LT-51185 KAUNAS, Lithuania
Address: Pylimo g. 58/1, HALĖS TURGAVIETĖ, LT-01136 VILNIUS, Lithuania
Address: Savanorių pr. 176, NORFOS BAZĖ, LT-03154 VILNIUS, Lithuania
Address: Šeškinės g. 32, IKI, LT-07157 VILNIUS, Lithuania
Address: Ukmergės g. 26, CITY BUMAS, LT-35181 PANEVĖŽYS, Lithuania
Address: Vilniaus g. 220, IKI, LT-76302 ŠIAULIAI, Lithuania
Address: Rožių g. 1A, LT-37466 PANEVĖŽYS, Lithuania

A. Meškausko IĮ

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Ramygalos g. 139, LT-36220 PANEVĖŽYS, Lithuania
Address: Dariaus ir Girėno g. 1A, LT-89488 VIEKŠNIAI, MAŽEIKIŲ R., Lithuania
Address: Riia mnt 35 Viljandi , Estonia


Lithuania E-mail
Address: Lõo 9A Sauga Sauga vald, Estonia

A.M.F. Hulgi AS

Lithuania E-mail
Address: Jaama 69 Võru , Estonia
Address: Kiratsi Kaarma vald, Estonia
Address: Kastani 1 Haapsalu , Estonia
Address: Haabsaare Antsla vald, Estonia
Address: Räpina mnt 1 Võõpsu Räpina vald, Estonia

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