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Eurokubas custom cable assemblies is a professional custom cable harness manufacturer for various industrial applications. We offer quality cable and wire processing and harness assembly services: cutting, crimping, marking, manual assembly, el. testing, soldering. Manufacturing according IPC WHMA 620 REQUIREMENTS , ISO 9001:2015.

Vlado Mirono g. 32, LT-64140 DAUGAI, ALYTAUS R., Lithuania
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A custom cable harness manufacturer for various industrial applications.
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EUROKUBAS is a midsized Lithuanian cable harness manufacturer. 80 per cent of the cable assemblies we make is exported to Sweden, Finland, The Baltics, Germany and The Netherlands.

The company has been specializing in a cable and wire assemblies for more than 20 years. EUROKUBAS builds quality cable and wire assemblies according customer specifications. We make high end cable and wire assemblies for various industries from low to high volumes. We supply to the following fields:
- Industrial electronics;
- Gardening equipment;
- Automotive;

-heating and ventilation.

With high employee qualification and state of the art equipment our company is able to work even with the most complicated and delicate projects that require exceptional precision and skill.
A well-trained team of professionals combined with a strong and reliable network of suppliers give EUROKUBAS the flexibility needed to meet every client's specific requirements.

We strive to be most reliable manufacturer of cable and wire assemblies in the nordic region for our customers both in terms of quality and delivery and aim to establish long-term partnerships with CEM and OEM companies.

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