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Joint Stock Company Agaras established in 1991.Today, Agaras has grown into one of the largest producers and sellers of fresh meat in Lithuania. Main activities: live-stock purchasing, Slaughterhouse, slaughtering services, Deboning plan. Wholesale and retail trade in chilled beef and pork carcasses. Trade of chilled/frozen boneless beef and pork meat. Sales of by-products, fresh hides and offal. The company successfully competes in the EU and other markets.

Agaro g. 5, LT-41385 BALANDIŠKIŲ K., PABIRŽĖS SEN., BIRŽŲ R., Lithuania
+370 450 31458
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Agaras - one of the largest producers and sellers of fresh meat in Lithuania. Slaughterhouse of cattles and pigs. Selling carcasses, chilled/frozen meat, offals in Europe and other countries market.
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The roots of Agaras dates back to the times of Lithuanian Independence. After a while, the single shop business turned into the business of animal export to the Baltic States and Poland, and then into one of the most modern slaughterhouses in Lithuania and one of the largest producers and sellers of fresh meat, competing in the markets of the European Union and other countries. Today, Agaras is not only a meat production company with all the infrastructure, but also a biomass power plant that uses its production waste to generate electricity and heat.

Climate change has also affected the meat industry; therefore, Agaras joined the project called Baltic Grassland Beef. One of the main goals of the project is careful and attentive treatment of natural resources and the environment. The project partners ensure animal-friendly farming and take care that their meat is prepared in accordance with the principles of organic and sustainable development. You can enjoy this meat with a clear conscience.

JSC “Agaras” competence and excellence of beef and pork production process are recognized almost worldwide – from raw material to finished product.
As a socially responsible company, it provides fresh meat only – no additives, no flavor enhancers or grouting. In JSC “Agaras” operates two slaughter lines – cattle and pigs – capacity accordingly of 40units/h, and 120 units/h. Cutting plant capacity ~50 tons of meat per shift.

Capacity of cutting room is around ~50 t per shift.
Since 1998 when JSC “Agaras” re-orientated its activities from live animal export to meat manufacturing and realization, every year sales turnover is only growing

JSC “Agaras” can proudly claim that in a relatively short period of time has developed strong international trade relations. Export portfolio is constantly updated. Clients and partners from Lithuania and foreign markets are known to be highly demanding and pretentious. JSC “Agaras” may be proud of the work done to meet the high demands of customers. New export markets are opening up for JSC “Agaras” almost every year. Today 81% of the company's produced production is exported.

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