Przewodnik po informacji Bałtyckich biznesu

Business-Baltics – Cooperation beyond borders



Business Baltics project in the internet based business communication market is already for 20 years, initially known as: Business-Lithuania. The project belongs to the Lithuanian company We deliver, UAB.

Baltic business information portal has been created as an import and export information coefficient database, which consists of three national platforms: is one of the most efficient ways how Lithuanian businessman can represent his company in the Baltic and foreign markets.

Business-Baltics' portal purpose is to ensure the exchange of information (cooperation) between the entrepreneurs who wish to evovle in domestic and foreign markets to export and import goods and / or services.

With information database is possible efficiently to find foreign partners, to develop and to realize contacts (cooperation) with the Baltic entrepreneurs who are promoting their products and / or services in English, German, Russian, Polish, French, Spanish and Chinese.

The portal provides to Lithuanian and foreign entrepreneurs comprehensive opportunities:


  • To place information about their company [contact information];

  • To place business information [export, import, supplier, service provider];

  • Upload a video presentation and descriptions, images, links;

  • Internet marketing elements (Backlinks) use to highlight business information;

  • To position oneself in the world's most demanded search engine – Google.

Business-BalticsYour guide to Baltics business information!e

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