Ratgeber für Geschäftsinformationen in Baltikum

Business-Baltics – Cooperation beyond borders



Business Baltics project in the internet based business communication market is already for 20 years, initially known as: Business-Lithuania. The project belongs to the Lithuanian company We deliver, UAB.

Baltic business information portal www.business-baltics.com has been created as an import and export information coefficient database, which consists of three national platforms:

Business-Baltics.com is one of the most efficient ways how Lithuanian businessman can represent his company in the Baltic and foreign markets.

Business-Baltics' portal purpose is to ensure the exchange of information (cooperation) between the entrepreneurs who wish to evovle in domestic and foreign markets to export and import goods and / or services.

With Business-Baltics.com information database is possible efficiently to find foreign partners, to develop and to realize contacts (cooperation) with the Baltic entrepreneurs who are promoting their products and / or services in English, German, Russian, Polish, French, Spanish and Chinese.

The portal provides to Lithuanian and foreign entrepreneurs comprehensive opportunities:


  • To place information about their company [contact information];

  • To place business information [export, import, supplier, service provider];

  • Upload a video presentation and descriptions, images, links;

  • Internet marketing elements (Backlinks) use to highlight business information;

  • To position oneself in the world's most demanded search engine – Google.

Business-BalticsYour guide to Baltics business information!e

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